Chef Profile

Having been with Fables Restaurant for almost two decades, Executive Chef, Johnny Datt continues to surprise and delight all who dine with a mouth-watering selection of seafood. Drawing on experience from around the world, Johnny’s passion and skills have seen him successfully open an impressive nine hotel restaurants, gaining a slew of culinary achievements along the way.

Johnny’s passion for cooking developed early, growing up in Fiji by his mother’s side and observing as she cooked over a wood fire. From there, he strived to develop these skills further and was later hired as an apprentice chef at Naviti Ramada Resort. It was here Johnny gained invaluable technical skills and understood the inner workings of a traditional European style kitchen.

To this day, Johnny aims to share a little of his heritage, infusing the fresh herbs, spices and unique flavours of wood fired cooking into dishes with his expertise in traditional techniques. Diners continue to be spoiled by Johnny’s tantalising fusion of East meets West at Fables Restaurant, and for Johnny, his biggest enjoyment in cooking is simply creating good food for others to relish the pleasure of eating.